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Renaissance Gown

Italian Rennaissance Gown

The bodice and overskirt is made of pink satin. The underskirt is an ivory damask. It is trimed in antique gold. The matching 2 piece pink satin gauntlets tie on over the attached chiffon sleeves. The dress is closed in the back with a laced gold cord through gold gromets over a modesty panel.

Renaissance Gown

This gown is a teal and black brocade. The sleeves are detachable and reverse to black velvet with a black and white woven trim. The trim has a floral motif. It is shown whith a full cotton petticoat and shift in a pale aqua.

1840 Dress

This blue, grey & beige plaid cotton dress is a favorite. I made it to wear to Meadowcroft Musem of Rural Life. It reflects common dye colors of the early 19th C. I made from the Wiconsin Historical Society Pattern. The collar is hand crochetted.

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