Martha Washington Garden Club

 Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

 Organized in 1926

Federated on February 20, 1934

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Flower Show schedule

Chairman: Peggy Condon, Jean Davis, Betty Bedillion, Kathy Wells

Bake Sale   Green Elephant Sale   Plant Sale

Schedules for the Flower Show will be distributed at the June meeting. 
Everyone is asked to participate in either the Horticulture or Design Division.

Set-up will begin at 6PM on Thursday, June 19, 2014.  All help is appreciated.

Entries, both, design and horticulture may be placed after 7:30 PM Thursday, June 19.

All entries will be accepted 8-10 AM on Friday, June 20. Judging starts at 11 AM.

Completing entry tags ahead of time speeds the set up and entry process.

Click on Cover to download PDF file of Schedule.