Martha Washington Garden Club

  Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

 Organized in 1926

Federated on February 20, 1934

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2013 President’s Theme


A few months ago I was contemplating what my theme would be for the upcoming year. Then at one of our regular monthly meetings, one of our members read the poem, A Package of Seeds by Edgar A. Guest. That poem was the inspiration for my theme,  Grow a Miracle .
      As fellow gardeners we all can appreciate the miracle that occurs when a seed is planted into the ground, watered and nurtured. It has the capacity to feed the hungry with its fruit or produce, if it has flowers it can brighten the day of someone who very badly needs cheering, or make an otherwise dismal spot a haven.  We don’t always realize just how great a miracle we have in that small packet of otherwise nondescript, dried kernels. The key to all of this though, is that we must plant that seed, nurture it and make it grow to the miracle that it was meant to be.
    So let’s “Grow a Miracle."  Let’s sow seeds of friendship, seeds of service, and seeds of love throughout our club and our community. 

Judy Weinzen

A Package of Seeds
by Edgar A. Guest

I paid a dime for a package of seeds
And the clerk tossed them out with a flip.
“We’ve got ‘em assorted for every man’s needs,”
He said with a smile on his lip.
“Pansies and poppies and asters and peas!
Ten cents a package and pick as you please!”

  Now seeds are just dimes to the man in the store
And dimes are the things he needs;
And I’ve been to buy them in seasons before,
But have thought of them merely as seeds.
But it flashed through my mind as I took them this time
"You have purchased a miracle here for a dime!"

  "You've a dime's worth of power no man can create,
You've a dime's worth of life in your hand!
You've a dime's worth of mystery, destiny, fate,
Which the wisest cannot understand.
In this bright little package, now isn't it odd?
You've a dime's worth of something known only to God.



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