Martha Washington Garden Club

 Washington, Pennsylvania 15301

 Organized in 1926

Federated on February 20, 1934

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New Projects 

Acquisition of educational materials for complimentary convention ‘07 packets for 300 registrants. (P=10) Susan Luisi

Revamp existing LeMoyne House & Washington Co. Fair Garden as Butterfly Gardens for 2007 (P=6) Grace Mitchell

Design workshop to prepare members for flower show and increase awareness of new flower show handbook. (P=50) Betty Bedillion

Relocate Club Library to Citizens Library for increased community use. (P=5) Iva Lea Clark

Develop Web site and Electronic Community Communication to increase community awareness of MWGC, its mission and goals. (P=10) Marie McFeely & Kathy Orr


Continuing Projects

Plant and maintain LeMoyne House Garden. (P=12) Grace Mitchell and Suzanne Weimer

Decorate the LeMoyne House for Christmas. (P=12) Carole Tucci

Plant two large flowerbeds at the Washington County Fairgrounds. (P=6) Grace Mitchell

Decorate Citizens Library window monthly. (P=12) Patty Thompson

Present “Lovely Landscape Award” to recognize outstanding area planting. (P=3) Theresa Powell

Plan Garden Therapy sessions for senior citizens. (P=5) Susan Sawyer

Hold a Standard Flower Show (P=40) Susan Luisi

Enter floral designs at Washington County Fair. (P=6) Grace Mitchell

Maintain Rose Garden at Veterans Facility. (P=8) Dixie Avolia, Clarice Killen, and Ellen Smith

Designate an Artistic Designer of the Month with design to be showcased at the monthly meeting. (P=8) Peggy Condon

Participate in 5 local community events, promoting Martha Washington Garden Club. (P=20) Joyce Streator & Doris Scarberry


(P=number of participating members)       Italic = Chairman

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