Photographic Services
Creative Professional Photography  reasonably priced!

Field and Studio Photography

Weddings, Events, Parties, Groups, Graduations

  • $100 per shooting hour, as many shots and hours as it takes. I spend 2-3 hours preparing and processing for every hour shooting.
  • Inclusdes high resolution professionally adjusted and optimized images are presented on CD(s), ready to be printed at your convenience.  Samples Here
  • Proof Album, 4-6 prints per 8.5 x 11 page, sorted, laid out, images professionally adjusted and optimized, $3.00 per image. 
  • Post Proofs on-line - share with distant friends & family, use as an index to order prints, $30.
  • Prints professionally enlarged and digitally optimized: $20 per page; 
  • (1 page =  3 ea. 4x6,  2 ea.5x7,    1 ea.8x10)  11x14 $40.00

Cast Photos, Band photos

  • Studio and On Location
  • Kids, Pets 
  • Head Shots, Portfolios
Product Photography
  • Online Auctions, Archiving, Catalogues, Inventory 
Fine Art Prints
  • Something to hang on the wall!!
  • Any photo In The Gallery is available as an unframed print: 8x10 $20 11x14 $40


Digital Imaging

  • Digital Retouching and Compositing
    Digital Enhancement, Perspective Correction, Water Damage repaired, unwanted objects removed.
  • Archiving to CD or DVD
  • Page (album, flyer, poster) layout    


  • Digital Photographic Prints, up to 13' x 44"

Video Services

  • Digital Video Capture from any source
  • Non-Linear Digital Video Editing
  • Slide shows on DVD;  Music, still photos, video, animations, animated titles all integrated
  • Special Effects 
  • Internet and DVD ready video, audio, and image files

Web/Computer Services

  • Site Creation
  • Maintenance / Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Page Design / Layout
  • Photography and Page Graphics development
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