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James Orr first became interested in photography as a kid, bought his first Hawkeye X-15 instamatic with green stamps when his age could still be counted in single digits. Much later, he immersed himself in it for 2 yrs at AIP, where he also studied the  multi-projector slide shows and the simple special effects that were a mainstay of "Multi-Media" at the time. Primitive by today's standards, the possibilities sparked his interests in moving media, animation, and the potential for the use of computers in visual production.

Along the way he's been an Audio/Visual Technician for some of Pittsburgh's finest convention destinations,  managed a one-man video production and post-production unit, and has been the videographer for literally hundreds of weddings...

He has edited thousands of hours of video, struggling through the early days of computer-controlled video editing, built a video non-linear editing system 'in his garage', and still uses it's 'great-great grandson' and the 'colony' of other computers and peripherals (and miles of cable) it has spawned on a daily basis... 

He's  worked with 3D Animations (starting on an Amiga-based VIdeo Toaster system!), graphics for video and the Web, and has been a support tech and web developer for a small ISP, designing, writing and maintaining numerous sites. 

Partner Kathy Wells is known as a Fiber Artist, Stage costumer, seamstress, and a student of social history, specializing in early methods of producing usable fiber - which includes wool harvesting and preparation, dying, spinning, and weaving. She is often called on for demos of natural dying and drop spindles at various local festivals and events. 



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